Turkey’s leading companies in the sector, the KARMAK MACHINERY was established in 1987.
The KARMAK produces drying, washing, centrifuge and dying machineries. It receives orders requested its customer and defines products according to needs and requests and adds them its production process.
The machineries which is produced by KAR-MAK are formed two part as manual and PLC computer based systems and they have from 5 kg to 400 kg capacity.
Annual production quantity of drying, washing, squeezing and dying machineries is 300 units. Except jeans firms, KARMAK exports its products lots of countries.
Russia, Ukraine, England, Iran, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Poland, Serbia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Israel, India, Syria, Croatia. etc..

One of the Turkey’s leading companies in the sector, the KARMAK MACHINERY was established in 1987. Currently 2000m2 closed area Ikitelli Industrial Zone has been sserving its customers.

26 year operating period, taking care to quality and manufacturing technology has been developed. Our understanding of quality and product warranties in place and the time of the first service and spare parts providing, our primary goal. Just outside the customer’s wants and needs of the application in accordance with standards of the industry also take care not to produce great product.

Products manual, digital display and the PLC is produced in the computer system. Our products include jeans washing, polishing, dyeing, drying, centrifugation, washing mashines are available. In addition, according to the needs of our customers we producing chemical cabinets, horizontal and vertical sanding robots, 3D Crinkle machines, heat shock oven, wrinkling machines in the country and abroad. We have exported to more than 20 countires.

We have exported our products to Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Bulgaria, Poland, Pakistan, Serbia, Kosovo, Bangladesh, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, etc.